School             Course Option Sheets 2014/2015

At TLSS you can achieve academic success, raise your social consciousness, strive for gold in athletics, express your creative side through the arts or shops and make lifetime friends.

TLSS has many opportunities for students to succeed in all areas of school life. Students who become involved in school activities tend to achieve the most, so we encourage you to take advantage of all the opportunities available and become part of the strong traditions of this school.

The primary purpose of TLSS is to help each student develop his/her potential as an individual and as a contributing, responsible member of society who will think clearly, feel deeply, and act wisely. We endeavour to build successful relationships between students, staff and the community.

We believe we must provide education primarily directed to preparing young adolescents both to develop the independence they need to be concerned and compassionate citizens and to continue on to post-secondary studies whenever they have the interest and capability to do so. Since many high school students do not proceed to further studies, we believe we must also endeavour to prepare young people to enter the world of work equipped with the attitudes and skills that will make them productive and successful.