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Student Council

​The Twin Lakes Secondary School School Council meets every Thursday after school at 2:30 p.m. All are welcome!​

Prime Minister: Alise Artichuk
Deputy Prime Minister: Julia Felgner
Secretaries: Anna Piao and Matthew Gordon
Minister of Finance: Rachel Duncan
Ministers of Spirit: Bethany Gillett, Thomas Nychka and David Steele
Ministers of Dance: Ash-lynn Groves and Breanna Yundt
Minister of Arts: Allie Veater
Minister of Athletics: Montana Slessor
Ministers of Charitable Affairs: Dana Long and Julia Bonsu
Minister of the Environment: Mackenzie Fagan
Minister of Public Relations: Cora Roberts and Erin Parna-Gile
Minister of Technology: Caleb Lesnick
Grade Reps: Greyson Martin (9) and Spencer Hipwell (11)

Members at Large: Adrianna Charles, Alexa Thompson, Kylie O’Connor, Faith Sutherland, Teagan Kirkey, Alexis Lilly, Lauren Reidman, Baxter Thomas, Jonathan Chan and Paris Snake

Teachers: Ms. Keats, Ms. Pfaff and Ms. Lapointe

Bringing spirit to Twin Lakes!