The following support programs are offered to students to assist them with the skills they require in order to be successful academically, socially and emotionally.

Big Brothers Big Sisters - Go Girls! Healthy Body Healthy Minds
Is a mentor-lead, seven session program that incorporates fun, educational games and activities designed to stimulate self-reflection and group discussion. This program is designed for girls and young women aged 10-14 and addresses the topics of active living, balanced eating, and feeling good about yourself. Participants and mentors also complete a personal journal at the end of each session. Key messages for girls participating in the program include: Body Image, Self-Esteem, Healthy Eating, Physical Activity and Relationships.

Big Brothers Big Sisters - In School Mentoring
A one-to-one mentoring program delivered in a school setting. Through In School Mentoring, one caring adult or "mentor" is matched with one child or "mentee", aged 6-16, in order to support the child's development. Typically, mentors and mentees jointly determine their match activities. In School Mentoring matches will spend part of the time they are together participating in fun activities that support literacy, numeracy and social development.

Canadian Mental Health Association - Youth Wellness Programs
The Youth Wellness Program has been launched by the Canadian Mental Health Association to offer groups and workshops to youth aged 14-18. The program intends to add support by empowering transitional aged youth with positive coping strategies and developing resiliency. The program offers 6 week workshops which include Stress Management, Mental Health, Bullying, Wellness, Addictions, Self Esteem and Holistic Wellness.

School Board Social Worker
Individual counselling which offers 6-8 weeks of support for students experiencing suicidal ideation and self-harm.

Child & Youth Worker
A group approach that targets issues of grief, anger management, social skills, attendance, self-esteem, and minor stress/anxiety.

CAPC (Community Action Program for Children)
An outreach counsellor is available to meet with students in schools, home and coffee shops to ensure that all pregnant and parenting youth have access to available supports.

Native Student Advisor for Rama First Nations & FNMI Student Advisor
Counsellors available for Native students to assist them in learning more about their culture and to help provide support for their school life.

Adolescent Outreach: New Path
Provides long term, individual counselling for various mental health concerns.

CCAC: Mental Health & Addictions Nurse
For students transitioning back to school from hospitalization due to mental health/addiction who require critical incident stress debriefing.

Simcoe Shores Secondary School 
Orillia is pleased to offer an Alternative School (Simcoe Shores Secondary School Program) which is available to any student in Orillia who may need a smaller class setting and alternative daily schedule

Nutrition Program
Snacks and nutrition programming are provided to students who are hungry and in need. Snacks may be found in classrooms, student success, guidance, and the Hub. Snack bins are replenished daily for students to access.